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Daily Archives: April 2, 2009

do unto others…

Yet another hectic week here at old DePauw…rehearsals, classwork and…well that’s basically it.

Even as much as I complain about being overcommitted, I certainly love working in music and the theater. It’s so refreshing to get together with a group of people and create something.

That said, sometimes it’s a pain in the ass.

After a rigorous Tommy choreography session, which made me extremely frustrated because 1) it took so long because people weren’t paying attention and 2) I was angry with myself about not being able to get the steps right, I was greeted with multiple tongue-in-cheek comments about my dance skills.

I consider myself fortunate that God blessed me with the ability to sing and act. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the ability to dance. And even in spite of the fact that I’m  up there actually trying and getting frustrated about it , I still get snide remarks about how people “like” my dancing. It’s a real affirmation; thanks all.

This parade of “compliments” continued on in my rehearsal for DePauwCappella, where I found a section particularly difficult and simply couldn’t hear my note, and I get remarks about how we can’t play notes in rehearsal anymore and that it’s not right. I know it’s not right; if I didn’t I don’t think I’d be in a school for music…

I certainly don’t want to sound like I’m whining, because I’m not; I just wish people would have a little more consideration for the way others take things. That, in fact, is one of the biggest problems I’ve ever seen at DePauw:  so many people lack perspective, and all too willingly get wrapped up in their own affairs to give a crap about anything or anyone else. I think that’s one of the reasons why I joined my fraternity, because the men here do have that much needed perspective and are so considerate that I value my time with them quite highly.

But I digress, mainly because perspective is one of the biggest problems in the world overall; if we had a better understanding of others’ points of view and they of ours, would war or conflict exist? I certainly think not.

This Fool forges on…