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Monthly Archives: April 2013


As is the case on here, April is more than halfway over and I’m making my first post of 2013. I can attribute this to a whole amalgamation of circumstances, but let’s just put it down simply to investing myself creatively in my career as an actor. 🙂

Since my last post, I’ve closed two shows and am currently being featured (quite happily) on stage at Oil Lamp Theater, which has become quite the creative home for me in the past year. This, along with private tutoring and working up at Immaculate Conception parish in Highland Park, has kept me quite busy, but has continued to feed into the quandary of my career as an artist.

I refer to it as a quandary because I can confidently say that I am much, much happier than I was a year ago. I have made significant forward progress in my life & career that I’m unsure I could have even conceived of this time last year. This, however, is accompanied by the inevitable issue of financial stability that comes with a career in the arts.

So, am I here to bemoan my fate as an actor and performer who’s not making boatloads of money? No, I’m certainly not. I’m here to take that challenge head on in the framework of creativity.

No matter what your background, we’re all here to create in some way, shape or form. Every moment of our lives, we’re called to be creators, of our lives, our world and our universe. The unfortunate difficulty we face is that we begin to forget this. We get bogged down by our ideas and impressions and responsibilities and forget the crucial fact that we, no matter the circumstance, create all the opportunities we have in our lives.

This is the point at which a great bunch of detractors come out of the woodwork and say, “Hey, Mr. Pie-in-the-Sky (yes, these detractors are from the 1940s), there are some things which we can’t control, so deal with it!”

Here’s the dirty little secret: you control everything in your life. It’s just up to you to 1) decide you’re going to do something about it and 2) follow through on that decision. If you’re unhappy where you are right now, here are your choices: 1) do something else that you know will make you happy or 2) stop being unhappy about it. Change your life or change how you feel (of course, these two are deeply connected and, essentially, one in the same). When you go to sleep at night, tell yourself, “I lived my life today, and tomorrow is a new opportunity to do it again”, then, when you wake up, look at the beautiful, insightful creator you see in the mirror and begin again. If your alarm goes off and the first thing you think is, “Ugh, another day”, stop, find something positive to say, and begin your day. If you start off your day with a negative thought, how can you possibly expect to progress from there?

If you have a creative outlet you’ve forgotten or moved away from, re-discover it. Write, draw, sing, act, love, play, for the love of God, LIVE. Reclaim being a creator in your own life so you can create happiness for yourself. Do this so you can help ignite that flame in others. If we each see ourselves as bearers of our own creative flame, ready to light and inspire the worlds of those around us, our capabilities are endless.

And that’s pretty friggin’ amazing.