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Daily Archives: October 21, 2014

headwinds & tailwinds

So, here I am writing a post that 1) I intended to write back in June (there’s a theme for ya) and 2) celebrates, to the day, the six year anniversary of my first post here.

I knew as the date approached that I should return here, especially given the fact that I haven’t visited since the beginning of the year.

And what a year it has been so far: I worked on three productions in seven months, then spent the latter three working on three more (I’m a glutton for punishment, I’d say :-D). I produced a concert to raise money for cancer research. I ventured off into the world, outside the walls of my family’s home, where they had been so gracious to let me live for the three years post-DePauw.

I feel like I’ve learned so much, and, yet, that I’ve only begun to learn, all at once.

As I reflect on the six years since I started this blog, I realize that I am a very different, almost newer, person. I’ve begun to crack the surface of who I am and what I believe, and developed an awareness and openness to receive that with a full heart and a free mind.

That said, yes, Fall still does remind me of smooth jazz.

Now, to the heart of my post: I entitled it as such because of a tremendous experience I had this past June (which is why I had intended to post then). I participated in a charity bike ride for cancer research in Toronto (and neighboring parts within Ontario) in honor of my fraternity brother, Christopher Alonzi, who lost his battle with leukemia this past December. I did the ride with another fraternity brother (and very dear friend of mine), Cameron Gindap.

Cameron and I, at the end of the Ride in Toronto, 145.58 miles later :-)

Cameron and I, at the end of the Ride in Toronto, 145.58 miles later 🙂

As we reflected on the ride together, I noted how, at certain times, the headwind (that is, wind blowing toward us as we rode) created a lot of resistance and made it harder to ride. Then I said, “It seemed like we never had a tailwind at all.” It was at this point that Cameron pointed out to me that, when you have a good tailwind behind you, although the riding is easier, you tend not to notice it.

“Wow,” I thought, “what a great analogy for our lives.”

Really, when you think about it, what is it that we focus our attention on in our lives? The hard stuff: I don’t make enough money, I don’t have what I want, I didn’t get that job/that date/that promotion. It’s a precarious place of scarcity that we’ve developed; as if we’re always riding right into a headwind.

Yet, when things are going well, do we take the time to acknowledge them, or do we take for granted the considerable tailwind we have benefiting us? This is where living your life in gratitude and prosperity comes forth. Recognize the blessings in your life, and the incredible momentum there is in their presence.

With a tailwind like that, this ride through the journey of our lives just got a whole lot easier (and more wonderful).

Much love & gratitude for six years,