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So, I missed the seven year anniversary of my first post here on Musings, which continues a ridiculously prophetic element of my first post and how I’ve treated this blog over the last seven years.

I had decided (then) that I did not want this blog to be some sort of appointment-keeping task, where I would regularly write out of obligation. In fact, I shared with a friend today that I felt that nobody ever got what they wanted by doing things out of forced obligation. However, I have recently realized that I have been missing an opportunity to exponentially boost the progress and learning I’ve done over the last three or so years by sharing my thoughts and processing here in this forum.

That is why you are reading this post on my blog right now; I made a promise to myself to make at least four contributions to this blog between December 1 and December 31 as a part of my personal 30 Day Deal.

What is the 30 Day Deal, you ask? It’s a jumpstart to the end of 2015 as introduced by my mentor, Michael Bernoff. When you listen to the replay of the free training call Michael did about the 30 Day Deal, you’ll find out that, the rest of the world gets excited about the dawning of a new year and we get caught up in a flurry of resolution-making and goal-setting because it’s the spirit of the turning of the calendar. However, what usually ends up happening is, when the high of the new year fades away, we lose that sense of momentum in the shared experience, and our resolutions and goals fall by the wayside. So, Michael invites you to make a deal with yourself to ask yourself, “what can I accomplish in the next 30 days?”  When you set that intention and accomplish it, you create an incredible amount of momentum for yourself, and what better time to do that then in this last month of the year, to give you an excellent start to 2016 without just riding the high of the collective new year’s frenzy?

I want you to focus on this right now; there is something amazing about you and what you’ve accomplished so far. As you’ll find out from Michael on the 30 Day Deal training call, it really comes down to this:

“You have mastered the art of getting to where it is that you are right now.” – Michael Bernoff

I want you to re-read that for a second; you, the wondrous human being that you are, have mastered something. That speaks to the truly phenomenal things of which you are capable. It reminds me of something I read in Using Your Brain for a Change by Richard Bandler (a mentor of Michael’s, and another part of my personal 30 Day Deal). He shares,

[P]eople work perfectly. I may not like what they do, or they may not like it, but they are able to do it again and again, systematically. It’s not that they’re broken; they’re just doing something different from what we, or they, want to have happen.” – Richard Bandler

So, if we already work perfectly, why do we have all of the rage and turmoil and suffering in the world that we see on a regular basis? Because there is a difference between working perfectly and working for the benefit of others. Every issue we encounter, from violence against others, to hateful rhetoric, to even just rudeness, is the result of fear. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to a perceived idea of lack of love and consideration. Everyone works perfectly because they have learned whatever behavior it is they have learned from their experiences and their feelings and they are able to replicate it regularly over and over again in every situation they encounter. What our task is is to help those people who make their decisions based on fear to make a new decision; we do that by showing them love, by learning to become a persuasive communicator, by helping them see the world in a different way, and by learning how to become a person who can help them make that new, love-based decision.

I’m very excited to share more of my experience with my 30 Day Deal here in this medium with you, and I invite you to check out the resources I shared and even create your own 30 Day Deal and share it in the comments below! I recently shared with another friend that, the more you share your intentions with others, the more real you make it for yourself, in thought and word. In fact, when you’ve shared it, you now have created an inherent sense of accountability from the people you’ve shared it with.

I am now accountable to you; will you be bold enough to join me?



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